A collection of quality products for the school home and office from popular brands

Some of Our Brands

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office supplies

We Spoil For Choice Supplying Unlimited Office & School Supplies

We supply custom rubber stamps, signs and banners, printer ink, school supplies, office products, computer supplies and accessories, home essentials, writing instruments, wide range of art and craft supplies, storybooks, colouring and activity books, educational toys for the young, gift wrap and cards, gift items and promotional products, fliers, business cards, bill books, letterheads, brochures and meeting supplies.

school supplies

List of Our Products


Clear Office Glue 4oz
Elmer’s Glue All 1-1/4, 4 & 8oz, Quart
Elmer’s White School Glue 1 Gallon
Elmer’s Glow in The Dark Glue
Elmer’s Spray Adhesive
3M #77 Spray Adhesive
Fabric Glue
Wood Glue
Krazy Glue
Gorilla Glue
Glue Sticks
Evostic Contact Adhesive
Glue Guns & Glue Sticks

Art & Craft Supplies

Colour pencils
Poster Paints
Acrylic paints
Paint Brushes
Artist’s Media
Drawing Books
Sketch Pads
Wide range of Crafting supplies


Laptop Bags
Messenger Bags
Lunch Bags
School Bags in Season


Alkaline AA, AAA, C, D, 9 Volt
Small & Button Sizes: Gate Openers & Car Remotes

Binders & Binder Accessories

Three Ring Binders – ½”, 1”, 11/2”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 5”
Sheet Protectors
Ruled Binder Sheets
Indexed Dividers

Binding Equipment & Supplies

Binding Combs ¼”-2”
Binding Covers Clear
Binding Cover Black
Binding Cover Assorted Colours and Textures
Binding Machines


White Boards
Black Boards
Cork Boards
Easels Boards
Flipchart Boards
3M Easel pads

Book Ends

Book Ends


Sharp & Canon Accounting Calculators
Sharp & Canon Scientific Calculators
Texas Instrument Financial Calculators
Pocket Calculators

Carbon Paper

Carbon Paper

Cash Pans

8”, 10”, 12” Cash Pans
Key Safe Cabinet


Hardboard Clipboards F/S & L/S
Acrylic Clipboards 9 x 6
Clipboard Folders
Clipboards with Storage Compartment


Paper Clips metal & plastic coated
Bulldog Clips
Fold Back Clips

Copy Books

Single Line, Double line, Red & Blue Line, Infant Line, Chequered Line Copybooks
Scholar Pro Exercise Books 120pg 8 x 6 and 10 x 8

Computer Accessories

Screen and Keyboard Cleaners
Mouse pads
Wireless Mouse and Keyboards
USB Flash Drives 16GB, 32GB, 64Gb, 128GB, 256GB
SD Cards 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB
External Hard Drives
CDs and DVDs
Copy Holders
Printer Labels

Correction Supplies

Correction Fluid
Correction Pens
Correction Tapes

Card Files & Accessories

Card Index Boxes 8 X 5, 6 x 4, 5 x3
Ruled Cards 8 x5. 6 x 4, 5 x 3
Index Dividers 8 x 5, 6 x 4, 5 x 3

Desk Accessories

Desk Caddies
Magazine Racks
Mesh Letter Trays
Plastic Letter Trays
Letter Sorters
Step Files
Mesh Pen Cups
Paper Clip Dispensers
Tape Dispensers

Duplicate Books

Duplicate Books
Triplicate Books
Invoice Books
Cash Bill Books
Delivery Note Books
Order Books
Receipt Books

Drawing Instruments & Supplies

15cm Rulers
30cm Rulers
50cm Rulers
Steel Cork Back Rulers
Metre Sticks
Triangle Set Squares
French Curves
Flexible Curves
Protractors Lettering Stencil 3/8”- 6”
Templates – Circle, Triangle, Elliptical
T Squares
Board Accessories
Mathematical Instruments
Drawing Sets
Geometry Sets


White, Manilla, Window-All Sizes (Printed on request)
Peel and Seal Envelopes
Plastic with String and Button F/S & L/S
Plastic with Velcro Closure F/S
Plastic with Button Snap Closures F/S, L/S & Cheque Size
Cushion Mailing Envelopes 15×10, 12 x 10 & 9 x 6
Wide Assortment of Invitation Envelopes


Pen & Pencil Erasers
Typing Erasers
Art Erasers

Educational Products

Charts – Numbers, Alphabet,
Incentive Chart
Anatomy Puzzle
Solar System
Teaching Clock


Brass Fasteners
2-Piece Fasteners – 7cm & 8cm
Treasury tags
Push pins
Thumb tacks
Paper Clips

Files & Folders

3 Ring Binders
Manilla File Folders
Coloured File Folders
IXL Files
Hanging Files
Accordion Files A-Z & 1-31
Classification Files

Furniture (Special Order)

Filing Cabinets
Storage Cabinets
Office Desks
Office Chairs

Gifts & Gift Supplies

Gift Pens
Educational Toys
Fashionable Notebooks
Hallmark Greeting Cards
Thank You Cards
Sympathy Cards
Gift Bags
Gift Paper
Tissue Paper
Scotch Tapes
Tape Dispensers
Birthday Candles

Home Hardware Supplies

Picture hangers
Adhesive Hooks
Suction Hooks
Krazy Glue
Wood Glue
Evostic Contact Adhesive
Key Rings
Key markers
Spray Paints
Utility Knives
3M Mounting Tapes and Squares
Electrical Tapes
Measuring Tapes


5 Part Index
8 Part Index
10 Part Index
12 Part Index
15 Part Index
31 Part Index
A-Z Index

Labels & Labelling Machines

Printer Labels
File Folder Labels
Blue Border Labels
Colour Coding Labels
Pricing Guns and Labels
Dymo Labellers and Labels

Laminating Machines & Supplies

Laminating Machines
Laminating Pouches L/S, F/S, 11 x 17, ID Card Size

Letter Trays

Letter Trays Plastic 2 Tier
Letter Trays Mesh 3 Tier

Meeting Supplies

Name Badges
Badge Holders
White Boards
Black Boards
Cork Boards
Flip Chart Boards
3M Post It Easel Pads
Erasable Markers
Whiteboard Cleaner
Broad markers
Binding machines
Binding Combs & Covers
Ring Binders
Proposal Folders
Report Covers
Twin Pocket Meeting Folders


Broad Markers
Fine Markers
Extra Fine Markers
Medium Markers
Jumbo Markers
Erasable Markers
Colour Marker Sets 6/12/24/36
Chalk Markers
CD/DVD Markers
Sign Pens
Counterfeit Detection Pens

Mailing Supplies

Bubble Wrap
Cushioned Envelopes
Packaging Tapes
Brown Wrapping paper
Storage Tubes


Hard Cover Notebooks
Accounting Books
Analysis Books
Graph Books
Biology Notebooks
Indexed Notebooks
Composition Notebooks
Subject Notebooks
Fashion Notebooks
Pocket Notebooks


Cheque Payment Voucher Pads
Petty Cash Voucher Pads
White Ruled pads
Yellow Ruled pads
Message Pads
Post It Note Pads
Scrap Pads

Padfolios & Portfolios

Padfolios & Portfolios

Paper & Paper Boards

Copy Paper
Crepe Paper
Kite & Tissue Paper
Brown & Coloured Wrapping Paper
Bristol Board
Fluorescent Paper & Boards
Metallic Paper & Boards
Resume Paper
Certificate Papers & Boards
Plastic Book Covering Material
Specialty Papers & Boards

Paper Rolls

Plain Paper Rolls
Thermal Paper Rolls


Wood Pencils HB
Wood Pencils 6B-4H
Jumbo Pencils
Triangular Grip Pencils
Mechanical Pencils 0.5 & 0,7


Ball Point Pens Fine & Medium
Roller Ball Pens Fine & Extra Fine
Gel Pens Fine & Extra Fine
Cartridge Fountain Pens
Sheaffer Gift Pens
Cross Gift Pens
Stay Put Pens
Counterfeit Marker

Printers, Inks and Toners

HP Printers
Brother Printers
HP & Canon Ink Cartridges
HP & Brother Toner Cartridges


Single Hole Punches
Two Hole Punches
Three Hole Punches
Eyelet Punch

Rubber bands

Rubber Bands Regular Size #18
Rubber Bands Extra Long
Rubber Bands Thick #64


Kid’s Scissors 5”
Office Scissors 7” & 8”
Large Scissors 10”
Crafting Scissors


Cross Cut Shredders


Lettering Stencil 3/8”- 6”
Templates – Circle, Triangle, Elliptical


Electric Sharpeners
Manual Desktop Sharpeners
Handheld Sharpeners

Sheet Protectors

Letter Size Sheet protectors
A4 Sheet Protectors
F/S Sheet Protectors
3 Ring Pocket File
Display Books 10, 20, 40 & 60 Sheet

Stamps & Supplies

Traditional Rubber Stamps
Self-Inking Rubber Stamps
Date Stamps
Company Seals
Numbering Machines
Stamp Pads
Stamp Ink
UV Ink
UV lights
Super Marking Ink

Staplers & Staples

Standard Staplers
B8 Staplers
Electric Staplers
Heavy Duty Staplers
Stapling Guns
Mini Staplers
Standard & B8 Staples
#10 Staples
3/8” & ½” Staples

Storage Containers

Storage Boxes
Storage Tubes
Utility Boxes
Craft Storage Boxes


Manilla Tags
Price Tags
Key Ring Tag
Jewellery Tags


Scotch Clear & Invisible tapes
Packaging Tape 2” Clear and Brown
Masking Tapes ½” – 2”
Painters Tape Blue
Duct Tape
Black Masking Tape
Electrical Tapes
Double Sided Tapes & Squares
Double Sided Adhesive Tape
Post It Flags

Thumb Tacks

Thumb Tacks
Push Pins

Trimmers & Guillotines

12” Guillotines
15” Guillotines
18” Guillotines
Craft Paper Trimmer


Nylon Twine Blue
Cotton Twine White
Twine Brown & Coloured

Wastepaper Bins

Mesh Bins
Plastic Bins

Office and school supplies? Let’s get
you nothing but the best!

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